Everything Gas

A proud supplier and distributor of SABS approved gas products directly to the public and also a platform where the public can better educate themselves about gas and the advantages thereof. Through experience in construction I have discovered that there are other alternatives to heating water for the home, cooking and cooling. Gas geysers are the most cost effective way of heating water for the home and presents home owners and business owners alike with a truly viable alternative energy source. Although there is a long list of advantages the one advantage that stands out above all others is the massive cost saving. By adding a gas geyser to your home and completely disconnecting the traditional electrical geyser, the saving is immediately upwards of 50% of your monthly electrical bill.

Add a gas hob into the mix and your electrical bill is reduced even further, in some cases as much as 75%. Not only will you save a tremendous amount of money every month but you will reduce your carbon footprint and relieve some of the pressure on our electrical grid. No more erroneous electrical accounts to try and sort out with local council. The gas geysers also last much longer than their electrical counterparts (upwards of twenty years) and all spare parts are freely available. Most South African families live together for longer because buying a starter home isn’t as easy as it used to be and therefore families tend to live together for much longer than in the past. Homes such as these are under huge financial pressure to try and keep costs under control as there might only be one or two breadwinners. It is for such families that Everything Gas can provide a viable alternative. The saving is immediately visible and the gas geyser provides endless hot water. Large families can all enjoy a hot shower or bath without having to wait for water to heat up. There is also no longer a geyser in your roof which means no more insurance claims for ruined ceilings and periphery.

The gas geyser is wall mounted outside the home and poses absolutely no threat to the family whatsoever. The gas geyser is only on once a hot water tap has been opened and immediately shuts off the moment the tap has been closed. There is no pilot light; ignition takes place by means of a spark that is generated by two standard 1.5V batteries available from any convenience store. The first step to a greener healthier South Africa is to move away from electricity dependency as much as possible and to embrace what is abundant and harmless to our environment. Gas is that energy source and has been around for many years diligently doing service on farms, holiday resorts, hospitals to name only but a few. Gas is not just for commercial or industrial use but very effective in providing residential energy. Most people in South Africa already depend heavily on gas to heat their homes during winter and to have the occasional braai in summer. Why not use it to save money throughout the year ? Solar geysers have also somewhat depended on the electrical geyser for those cold rainy days where the sun is not effective, but the gas geyser can also be used to keep water at a constant temperature as a backup. It will work on the exact same principal as having your electrical geyser but will use no electricity whatsoever. Gas spend will take place every few months when replacing empty gas cylinders but it is less frequent that handing over large amounts of money every month for your electricity bill .

In some cases homes have used the same large gas cylinder for more than 4 months. It is therefore crucial to take families hot water requirements into account when looking to replace the current electrical geyser with a gas unit. Everything Gas provides customers with basic rules and guidelines as to where gas can and cannot be installed in the home and through doing so people start to learn more about gas and its advantages and how to avoid the dangers. All gas connections and installations are accompanied by gas compliance certificates from accredited gas installers and all work is guaranteed. Technology in gas and gas equipment has come a very long way and the safety features that accompany most gas appliances are far ahead of their electrical counterparts and in most cases are safer than using electricity. Make the move to gas today and save.